How much do lessons cost?

Lessons are half hour private lessons $35.00 per lesson.

If paying per term lessons fees change with the number of weeks in each term.

Term 1, 8 Weeks $280.00

Term 2, 11 Weeks $385.00

Term 3, 10 Weeks $350.00

Term 4, 9 Weeks $315.00

How does the Direct Debit system work?

 New online version of the form (payment details are set by us). Just let us know you want to pay via Direct Debit (Per term or Fortnightly) we will process the form and send an email, all you have to do is click the link and put in your Bank Account or Credit Card details (fees apply to Credit card, no fee for Bank Account)

 We adjust payments every term to account for number of weeks in the Term and if any credits are due.

When do Fortnightly payments transact?

Fortnightly payments are transacted on WEDNESDAYS, payments are 1 week in advance of lessons starting.

So for the new term the first payment will be on Wednesday the second week of the Holidays (December holidays transaction will be late January 1 week before lessons start).

Term 1 2017

01/02/17  Weeks 1,2

15/02/17 Weeks 3,4

01/03/17 Weeks 5,6

15/03/17 Weeks 7,8

Term 2 2017

12/04/17 Weeks 1,2

28/04/17 Week 3,4

10/05/17 Weeks 5,6

24/05/17 Weeks 7,8

07/06/17 Weeks 9,10

21/06/17 Week 11

Term 3 2017

12/07/17 Weeks 1,2

26/07/17 Weeks 3,4

10/08/17 Weeks 5,6

23/08/17 Weeks 7,8

05/09/17 Weeks 9,10

Term 4 2017

04/10/17 Weeks 1,2

18/10/17 Weeks 3,4

01/11/17 Weeks 5,6

15/11/17 Weeks 7,8

29/11/17 Week 9

What happens if the student is sick?

We do allow for sickness, however you do need to notify the Teacher or the lesson will be charged. We would like 24 hours notice but that isn’t always possible with sickness, for students that wake up sick on the day of lesson call or text the Teacher before 8.30am and a credit will be put on your account, these lessons can be made up during the term as extra lessons or if not made up will be taken off the next terms payment.

How much practice should student do?

 Get in the habit of practice every day, even if it is only for 10 minutes every day the amount of improvement will be very obvious.

 Every second day is also good, you will still advance well.

 Every third day, you will start to notice that it takes longer to catch up to where you were the last time you played.

Do i need my own instrument?

 Yes, if you don’t have the instrument you are not practicing, you need to practice.

  Guitars – for beginners Classical Guitar (nylon strings) is the best to start with. If starting a primary school student I would recommend 3/4 size Classical Guitar (If starting in grade 5 or 6 you may want to consider full size).

  Piano – A Keyboard is fine to begin with (be sure to get a “touch sensitive” keyboard) by the time you out grow it you will know exactly what you need.

  Violin – Children really need to be sized up for the instrument.