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About Poco Music Tuition

Poco Music Tuition is managed by co-directors Paul Toovey and Maria Fakitopoulos-Toovey.

Maria holds a Bachelor of Music from Melbourne University, majoring in Classical Guitar and Piano .

With 20 years’ experience in music tuition, Paul and Maria have found a great call for private classes for young beginners. As a result, they have managed very successful programs with a number of Primary Schools, where students have received private lessons during school hours.

This is a rapidly growing method of music tuition offering many benefits to students, parents and Schools!

Poco Music Tuition nurtures young students to develop solid practical and theoretical music skills in an interactive and encouraging environment. The lessons also provide the ideal foundation for students to advance to AMEB examinations.

All Tutors are highly qualified within their area of expertise, are VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching) registered or hold a WWC (Working With Children) Card.

What are the benefits?


•Gain understanding of rhythm, melody and harmony.

•Develop a practical and conceptual understanding of timing and tempo.

•Develop strong technical skills.

•Explore concepts that encourage self-directed/motivated learning outside of lesson times.

•Opportunity to advance to AMEB grading.

•Performance skills.


•Enjoy the convenience of qualified tuition for your children during school hours.

•Stay up-to-date with your child’s progress through their personalised “Exercise Book”, which contains information about each class and their homework.

•Books, instruments and accessories can be purchased over the phone from Poco Music and delivered to students during lessons.


•Quality tuition for students with a range of popular instruments to choose from.

•Provide a great new service to the school with minimum commitment and outlay.

•Outsource management, billing and scheduling of music classes.

•Provide an optional, premium music service to potential students.

Course Details

Lesson structure: Lessons are 30 minutes in duration and held on a weekly basis within the school. Students are trained in basic technical and theoretical concepts, such as instrument-specific technique, note reading, pitch, musical structure, rhythm and performance. Students work from a Method Book and may also be assigned other tasks or popular songs by their tutor.

Ensemble/Band Program. Students have the opportunity to become involved in the ensemble/band program. This program runs separately from individual lessons and introduces students to another important aspect of instrumental performance. Students that participate in this program spend time on ensemble material during their own lesson when needed. This program is conducted in relation to needs and generally for the advancing students. Special lessons can be conducted during school hours or in an after school situation (depending on the needs and availability of the students involved).

Annual concert(s) – Students are encouraged to perform as it allows them to showcase what they have learnt throughout the year. Performance is a fantastic way for young students to develop greater self-confidence and to encourages a sense of accomplishment.

Tutor & Student requirements: Tutors are able to collect and return students to their classroom; which ensures attendance and your child’s safety. Students are required to bring their Method Book and Exercise Book, which are provided on enrolment. This is used for homework/practice, notes and for communication between tutors and parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lessons: when, where and how long? Lessons are held on a weekly basis at school. Each lesson runs for 30mins and each student is enrolled for the number of weeks in the term. Lessons run on a revolving schedule to ensure students don’t miss the same class every week.

What is the structure of each lesson? Students are first introduced to basic technical and theoretical concepts that are later consolidated and then further developed to more advanced levels. Tutors are mindful of individual learning levels and conscientiously structure lessons according to the needs of each student. A professional, encouraging, engaging and fun environment is provided to ensure both progress and enjoyment.

Do students need their own instrument? Yes, to progress adequately, students need to practice regularly outside of their weekly lessons. For your convenience, instruments are available for purchase at Faki’s Music Cafe (see contact details on back page).

What do students need to bring to their lessons? Students are required to bring their Method Book and Exercise Book to each lesson as well as their own instrument (except for piano/keyboard and drums, as they are provided on site). Practice, how often and what should students be working on? Developing a stable/structured practice routine is highly important. Target 15 minutes for beginners and move to 30 minutes for intermediates, for a minimum of three days per week (daily practice provides maximum benefits)

What if my child is absent? Please give notification of the absence by phone or SMS the day before the lesson, if possible. If notification is not received by at least 9:00am on the day of the lesson (or 8.00am for 8.30am classes) the lesson will be charged as normal. Please note that school events, camps, excursions etc are taken into account and make up lessons will be provided to ensure that all eight lessons are delivered each term.

What are practical exams, AMEB (CPM), ANZCA?


Separate organisations such as Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) are highly recognised within Australia, providing students the opportunity to sit for practical and theory exams to attain AMEB grading.


There are five practical exams session per year for all instruments, two theory sessions and two CPM (Contemporary Popular Music) sessions per year.


Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts examinations, an alternative to the above syllabus.

When a student has successfully covered all aspects of the examination criteria, they can then select to be enrolled for the next available examination seating (this is optional).

Terms and conditions

1.When/where lessons are held. Lessons are 30mins in duration and are conducted within the school during class times. Tutors will collect and return students to their classrooms when necessary. Lesson times are rotated weekly to ensure students are not missing the same class each week.

2.Payment. Payment is made on a term-by-term basis. Payment must be made by the commencement of the first lesson. Payment can be Direct Debit, printable version on Enrolment Page.

3.Commitment for tuition. Once payment is made, students are enrolled for one full term. Cancellation of lessons can only take effect at the end of each school term.

4.Cancellation Policy. For cancellation of music lessons, two weeks’ notice must be given before term ends and term must be completed.

5.Administration and resource fee. This is a one off fee that includes the students first Exercise book and Method book. Payment can be made by Direct Debit send to Poco Music PO Box 298, Mentone, 3194.

6.Student Absence. 24 hours notice must be given, for credits to be applicable. In case of emergencies, illness etc. notice must be given by 9.00am on day of lesson or 8.00am for 8.30am classes. Other lessons missed due to non-attendance will be considered as given if not previously informed.

7.Make up lessons. Lessons will be made up if tutor or student is absent with notice, school excursions, camps or other schedule events are listed as credits. In the event of prolonged tutor absence a substitute tutor may be used to conduct lessons on the regular lesson day. If credit lessons are not made up during the term, that credit will be carried into next term and deducted from next terms fees, we do not refund credits.

8.Termination. If this agreement is terminated by Poco Music and the number of lessons can’t be met, make up lessons will be arranged ASAP or a pro-rata refund will be organised for the balance of fees paid.